Hello my name is Ronald
I'm a web developer


Ronald Resume

I am an aspiring web developer. I am seeking a web developer position with a growing company where I can learn and make a positive impact. I am eager to apply my knowledge in Vue, React, and Google Firebase as a professional developer position.

I am also a nerd at heart. I love sci-fi, and anime. Some of my favorite shows are The Flash, The Expanse, Star Wars, Star Trek, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, and The Rise of the Shield Hero.


South University - Savannah G.A.


Associate in Informtaion Technology

Work Experinces

AutoZone - Parts Sales Manager

Octerber 2008 - Present

Open or Close the store, Supervise 2 to 6 employees, Cash Handling, Handle Customer Concerns, and Inventory Management



Provide Tier one support for (WISP) Wireless Internet Service Provider Customers


Vue, React, Redux, Nodejs,
HTML,CSS, Tailwindcss,

Static hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Firebase, MongoDB